Sunday, July 13, 2008


Its cold. But Im warm. Hot. Melting.
H2O runs off my face. Life. I can feel it.
The night is black but the image is bright. Endless.
Time is stopped. Im disengaged but fully aware.
I am lost in this moment. Lost.
Cut the ballshit. Fuck you. Cunt. Fuck you, I will kill you. I could kill. Love.
I will always Love you. You're the reason I cry watching films.
Lost. In oblivion? A paradox. Fuck that.

The fire roars. Crackles. Burns. Lives. Thrives.
I am the rain. I will be the fire.
Im sorry.

Rain on Fire.

I see everything. I am amazed.

Fuck poetry. Fuck Shakespeare.

This was not what I intended. I am broken. Time; healer? I will fix myself. Fuck time; Time is my bitch. I will wrestle time to ground and fuck it in the arse. I will cum in it's arse.

I am a hypocrit. Hypocracy. Denial. We do what we have to survive.

Rain on Fire.

I saw a feeling. I felt a sight. I wrote a song. I may never give it words.

Rain on Fire.

Incredible. Fuck you Twat, you weren't there.

I have everything. And thats why i cry.

This was not what I intended.

Rain on Fire.

Another day...